Why Not Wordpress?

More often than not, personal websites or portfolio sites are built with the tried and true content management system, or CMS, Wordpress. Wordpress is a great option for what it does and has a whole host of features and plugins that come from near decades of use. However, using Wordpress wouldn’t really provide a fundamental understanding of a CMS like creating one would. Despite being basic, the CMS capability provides me exactly what I need and want for my personal site while still allowing me to expand on its functionality in the future.

The Functionality

Built using Ruby on Rails, wpank.dev has simple authentication with Devise to allow access to the CMS portion of the site. The CMS allows creating, editing, or deleting projects with a required title, description, and optional tags for categorizing the project. Each project has a one-to-many relationship with its content, allowing an unlimited number of content blocks to be created for a given project. The content blocks also have the ability to be edited or deleted independently.

The Deployment

Currently, wpank.dev is deployed using Heroku with a Postgresql database.