Another IP Checker

Grabbing an IP or doing a WHOIS search is an incredibly saturated space in the web sphere. It's as easy as typing "my ip" in Google to get your IP address or "whois" and following the first link. Despite this, when in a customer service situation, adding an additional step that involves a search engine can often be confusing or potentially return unexpected results. By creating, it gave a phonetically simple solution to getting a customer's IP address over the phone. It also gives access to a quick WHOIS search to those who wanted to check if a domain was about to expire, or see if the domain was registered at a specific registrar.

How It's Done

When rendering the initial index.php page, the user's IP is grabbed and then displayed as text content on the rendered page. When performing a WHOIS query, the form action goes back to a PHP function that reads the inputted value, determines if the value is a domain or ip address, and directs to the next set of instructions. If it is a domain, the WHOIS server being queried against is determined by the top level domain extension, or TLD. This is all deployed on a LAMP stack server, with automatic SSL configuration.